Designing websites is a lot like cooking – at least, it is for this featured freelancer. Greg Gall is the “WordPress Chef” who loves coming up with fresh new recipes for website design.

Read on to discover how Greg runs his freelance web development business – and what opportunities he sees on the menu for freelancers.

When and why did you start freelancing?

I started freelancing on July 1st, 2017 because I wanted more control of my time.

What niche(s) do you work in?

I’m more of a generalist. I’m process-focused – I understand the client and their needs and I’ll create a website that delivers.

My clients vary from healthcare companies to financial companies to preschools to business owners.

What types of projects do you work on?

UX design, website design, custom themes and plugin development. It’s all WordPress, all the time!

Where do you freelance from?

Tampa, Florida.

Tell us about the tools you rely on to run your business.

I use Dubsado a lot for client management. Figma is almost indispensable. And Draftium is great to get wireframes in front of a client quickly.

Name one thing that’s surprised you about freelancing.

All the time required outside of doing the work: marketing, creating processes and workflows, billing, etc. There is so much that goes into running a business that isn’t web design and development. When I first started I thought I would have so much free time!

Made any big mistakes during your freelance journey?

Not raising my rates earlier on.

You’re the boss! It’s absolutely essential to make the shift from the employee “tell me what to do” mindset to taking responsibility for every aspect
of your business.

There’s lots of advice out there for freelancers. What advice do you agree with?

Show up every day. I do believe that your habits help define your success. The amount of work you do each day may vary, but show up every day.

What common advice do you disagree with?

That you always need to jump onto the next great tool to stay competitive. Something I’ve learned is very rarely do customers or clients care how you get them results – they just want the results. They don’t care if you use Excel for customer management or Salesforce. Use what works for you.

What areas of opportunities do you see for current or future freelancers?

I think an area of opportunity is to move into subscription-based services. Creating a recurring stream of income keeps businesses afloat and provides an opportunity to scale.

What are you proudest of with your business?

That it’s still going? 😂

Honestly, when I create a website for another solopreneur or small business, I feel a lot of pride knowing I’m helping them on their path to success.

Do you need a website for your small business or freelance work? Find Greg online at or connect on LinkedIn.