How I Freelance - Rob Swystun

The best tool a freelancer can have in their arsenal? For Rob, it’s a curious mind and a willingness to research new topics. READ MORE>>

How I Freelance - Sarah Glinski, RD

People move on from jobs all the time. And when they do, Naomi helps individuals and organizations “Leave Well” by navigating the process with joy and intention.

How I Freelance - Sarah Glinski, RD

Being a military wife and mom sent Brooke on a search for work she could do from anywhere in the world. She found it in the form of subscription-based editing for content and copywriters. READ MORE >>

How I Freelance - Sarah Glinski, RD

After experiencing professional burnout in 2022, Sarah used her experience and expertise to pivot professionally and build a growing freelance writing business.

How I Freelance - Melissa Ripp

Women business owners and executives are often hesitant to position themselves as experts. Mel’s mission is to find ways to tell their stories and build their personal brands to help themselves and others. READ MORE >>

How I Freelance - Shea Karssing

The best thing about freelancing? For Shea, it’s that it can be done from anywhere – and there’s no “right” way to do it. Her new book teaches freelancers how to run their businesses the way they want. READ MORE >>

How I Freelance: Mary Knowles Tindall Header

Mary made the jump from freelancer to agency owner in 2018, producing B2B content for the healthcare sphere. She’s also putting her experience to use, helping other writers break into the healthcare niche. READ MORE >>

Michelle Garrett header

After starting her freelance business as an independent marketing consultant, Brittany shifted her focus to writing. Today, her freelance work has given her more flexibility, freedom and income than she ever expected. READ MORE >>

Michelle Garrett header

Michelle has helped companies tell their unique stories for 25 years. She freely shares her PR insights and expertise through articles, podcasts and social media – and serves as a champion for others pursuing the freelance path. READ MORE >>

Jessica Walrack Freelance Writer

Jessica knows firsthand how challenging growing a freelance business can be. So she started offering resources for other freelancers looking for clients – and has created a community along the way. READ MORE >>

Greg Gall The WordPress Chef

Designing websites is a lot like cooking – at least, it is for this featured freelancer. Greg Gall is the “WordPress Chef” who loves coming up with fresh new recipes for website design. READ MORE >>

How I Freelance - Sarah Barbour

Sarah started her freelance journey as an editor for self-published fiction nearly a decade ago. She made the jump to writing in 2021 – and quickly discovered a new niche that provided unexpected financial stability for her family. READ MORE >>

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